VIETNAM – CHRISTIANS AT PRAYER ATTACKED BY POLICE . At least 22 people were wounded and one man, aged 50, was left crippled when police attacked an open air congregation of Degar Christians on November 11.

The group of around 100 Christians had gathered in prayer in the village of Ploi Kret Krot, Gia Lai province. Police officers ordered the group to disperse, but when they replied that they were not committing any crime, the police attacked the group, beating men, women and children with sticks and electric batons. Some of the group fled into the nearby forest and were still in hiding weeks later. The police are reported to be patrolling the village, forcing residents to remain indoors.

  • Pray for those who were wounded in this attack; pray that the Lord will heal their physical and emotional pain. Pray that those who are still in hiding will be able to return to their homes without fear of further attacks.
  • Remember before the Lord the Degar Christians and other minority Christian groups in Vietnam, that the pressure they suffer from the authorities will be alleviated.

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  1. Mabil

    Senor ten misericordia de todos los que no quieren reconocerte como el unico
    Dios, y dales fuerza y fortaleza a todos los que estan pasando persecucion, porque sabemos que tu tienes todo en control.


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