Christians in Karnataka State, India were subject to a day of attacks by Hindu extremists on Sunday December 5. In the Kenger Upanagara slum in Bangalore, around 50 Christians were threatened and terrorized when extremists attacked their church. In the district of Shimoga, four Christians were dragged from their churches and beaten up in two separate incidents. The victims were then arrested by the police on false charges of trying to convert Hindus. That same day a group of 40 extremists surrounded another church in Bangalore, throwing stones and shouting anti-Christian slogans.

Sajan George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians, said the incidents were “reflective of the insecurity of the vulnerable minority Christian community”, and stated that such violence was “an indication of the climate of fear, persecution and harassment and terror in which Christians must practise their faith” in Karnataka.

Karnataka is governed by the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which came to power in May 2008. Since then there have been more than 200 anti-Christian incidents.

  • Pray for those Christians who were threatened or assaulted in the incidents on December 5; pray that the Lord will grant them strength and grace to forgive their attackers.
  • Pray for all Christian believers in India, that they will be free to worship the Lord without persecution.

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  1. Mabil

    Mi oracion es que nuestro Senor tenga misericordia de todos aquellos que esta haciendo todo esto sin saber a quien se lo estan haciendo. !!Y esto me confronta a pensar que ellos estan dando su vida por quien merece toda la gloria y mientras nosotros aqui ni tiempo tenemos para compartirles a otros las Buena Nuevas!! Padre toca los corazones para que de verdad sepamos que el morir por ti es !!!!!! vivir !!!!!

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