KENYA – CHRISTIANS TRAUMATISED AFTER THREE DAYS OF TORTURE Six Kenyan Christian missionaries, three men and three women, were abducted by a group of Muslims on 15 September in Nairobi, Kenya. Three days later they were found alive, dumped beside a main road. They all had their eyes and mouths tightly sealed with tape, and their legs and arms were bound.

The three women had been repeatedly raped and were deeply traumatised; still suffering from shock, they were not even able to talk. At the hospital they were given drugs to reduce the risk of their contracting AIDS. They will remain in hospital for two weeks of comprehensive care to help them recover from the physical, psychological and emotional distress.

The three men had been tortured and were covered in bruises; yet the wife of one man reported later, “No matter the agony, they praised the Lord.” Early in the ordeal the Muslim men asked one of the women, “Who’s the saviour of this world?” When she boldly answered, “Jesus Christ is the Saviour,” they slapped and spat at her and shouted, “You’re wrong, you prostitute, it’s Osama who’s the saviour.” When they were released, their captors warned them, “Stop leading Muslims astray with your corrupt Bible.”

Barnabas Fund is covering the hospital fees of the missionaries.

  • Thank the Lord that the missionaries have been returned to their families. Please pray for healing and peace for them following this terrible trauma.
  • Pray that the kidnappers will come to know the truth of the Bible that will set them free.

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