INDONESIA – BEKASI MUSLIMS URGED TO PREPARE FOR WAR AGAINST “CHRISTIANISATION” Nine members of different Islamic organisations in Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia, have joined together to plan a roadshow that aims to persuade mosques in the city to prepare for the possibility of “war” against “Christianisation”. The group, which was formed on 27 June, the last day of the Bekasi Islamic Congress, is recommending that each mosque should have its own armed militia and that the Bekasi municipality should introduce some sharia-compliant policies. The Regional Leader of the Indonesian Muslim Forum, Bernard Abdul Jabbar, said, “They will guard the Islamic faith and preach the right path to the people.”

One week later, on 3 July, a banner showing a Christian man with a noose around his neck was hung outside a mosque in Bekasi with the words: “This man deserves the death penalty!”

Andreas Sanau, 29 (the man shown on the banner), and Henry Sutanto have been accused by the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) of organising mass baptisms. The accusations came after 14 buses full of people arrived on 30 June at the home of Sutanto, the President of the Mahanaim Foundation, a Christian organisation that helps the poor.

The Foundation stated that they had no intention of carrying out baptisms. But according to Murhali Barda, the local leader of the FPI (a radical Islamic group known for violence against religious minorities, especially Christians), “Sutanto must be killed; he wants a mass baptism.”

Barda says he has joined the roadshow group because “…we want to strike fear in the hearts of Christians who behave in such a way. If they refuse to stop what they’re doing, we’re ready to fight.”

  • Pray for our brothers and sisters in Bekasi as they face increasing pressure, especially in light of the proposed roadshow.
  • Pray for Andreas and Henry, that the Lord will protect them from further harassment and that they will stand strong in their faith at this time.

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