Barnabas Fund. Reports of anti-Christian attacks emerge almost daily from Plateau State, which was the location of horrific violence and massacres in the last few months. On 6 April Muslim youths chanting war songs blocked the road as a group of Christians were returning from a church meeting in the Nassarawa Gwom area of Jos, the scene of violence in January. The ensuing clash between the two groups led to the death of one Christian youth at the hands of the security forces who arrived to restore order, according to the Information Commissioner for Plateau State, Gregory Yenlong.

On 10 April the homes of three leading officials in the Christian village of Kura Jenta, 20km south of Jos, were targeted shortly after midnight by a Muslim gang. The attackers used the same tactics as those used in Dogo Nahawa on 7 March, setting homes ablaze and then waiting for the residents to come out in order to kill them. But these homes were made of concrete blocks with zinc roofs; the residents did not leave their houses until after the attackers had fled. Tensions have risen further in Plateau State following the murder of a Christian pastor and his wife in the neighbouring state of Bauchi. The bodies of Ishaya and Selina Kadah were discovered on 15 April in Boto village, Bauchi State, two days after they were kidnapped. Police have arrested two suspects and security has been stepped up in the city of Bauchi. Four days later, the mutilated bodies of two elderly Christian farmers were also found in the village of Rim, south of Jos.

• Please continue to uphold our Nigerian brothers and sisters in prayer. Pray that they will know the strength and comfort of the Lord Jesus in the face of frequent and unprovoked attacks. • Pray for wisdom for the Nigerian government and authorities and that the perpetrators of the recent violence will be brought to justice. Pray that the country as a whole will not be destabilised. • Pray that Christians in Nigeria will be full of the Lord’s grace and forgiveness and that they will not retaliate; pray that they will reflect His love by forgiving their enemies. Barnabas Fund has sent aid to help those bereaved or made homeless by the violence in Jos.


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