Barnabas Fund. Farsi Christian News Network (FCNN) has reported that Rev. Wilson Issavi was released on bail on Sunday 28 March after being held in prison for 54 days. He was arrested on 2 February (see Prayer Focus Update March 2010), accused by the Iranian government of “converting Muslims”. It is reported that he is in good spirits and thanks the Lord for his freedom. He awaits further investigation and review of his charges by the court. FCNN has also reported on the arrest of Hamid Shafiee and his wife, Reyhaneh Aghajary, leaders of a church in Isfahan. On 28 February, the couple were handcuffed at their home as officers conducted a search, claiming to have orders from the local court. When Reyhaneh protested against her arrest, the officers verbally insulted and physically assaulted her and squirted her with pepper spray. They confiscated Bibles, books, CDs and computers.

Reyhaneh is being held in the political security wing of the Dastgard prison and it has been reported that she has started a hunger strike in protest against her treatment by prison officers. Hamid’s location and condition are unknown at the time of writing. Hamid and Reyhaneh are converts from Islam to Christianity. For the last ten years they have been active in sharing the Gospel with the people of Isfahan. Despite official pressure, they have refused to deny their faith. • Pray for the Lord’s protection for these two faithful servants; pray that they will soon be released to continue sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. • Praise the Lord for the safe release of Rev. Issavi. Thank God that, despite obvious signs of torture, he seems to be in good spirits. Pray that the charges will be dropped and he will be allowed to continue his work in Jesus’ Name.


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