China – Stop the Demolition of The Golden Lamp Church

History of the Linfen Church The Linfen Church network is an unregistered church in China that includes 50,000 members who meet in 30 different locations. The church traces its history back to the mission work of Hudson Taylor’s China Inland Mission. One branch of the church, in Fushan, was demolished by government officials last September. Ten of the church’s top leaders are currently in prison or labor camps, some sentenced to as much as seven years on the dubious charge of “disrupting local traffic order.” Now government officials have threatened to tear down the Linfen network’s flagship church, the Golden Lamp Church. This large church, with its towering steeple and cross that stand out over the city of Linfen, was built with verbal approval from local officials but without official permission from China’s Communist religious authorities. An official from the Land Resources Bureau has told a China Aid contact that the church will be destroyed. Following the attack in Fushan, the Golden Lamp Church was surrounded by military police, and church members have been barred from using the 5,000-seat church. NOW IS THE TIME to pray for and speak out on behalf of our brothers and sisters in China. Please add your voice to this rising chorus for justice.

Help prevent the Chinese government from destroying the Golden Lamp Church building!

Join with VOM and ChinaAid Association in a campaign to prevent the demolition of this church building. Perhaps together, our voices can help save a church building that has meant so much to our persecuted brothers and sisters in this part of China. How you can help:

  1. PRAY. The Linfen Christians are asking their brothers and sisters around the world to join their fervent prayer that God will soften the hearts of government officials and save their church building from demolition.
  2. CALL OR WRITE to Chinese government officials. Remind them that Christians are NOT a threat to their country, but are in fact loyal citizens who love their country and pray for their leaders. Call or write to:

Land Resources Bureau of Yaodu District, Linfen City
Tel: +86-357-201-3263
Yaodu District People’s Government contact:
Tel: 86-357-222-8559
The Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C.
Tel: (202) 328-2500


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