Anti-Christian violence in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul has intensified alarmingly in recent months. In February eight Christians were murdered in the space of ten days. On Sunday 14 Rayan Salem Elias was killed outside his home by armed assailants, and the next day a Christian greengrocer, Fatukhi Munir, was gunned down in his shop in a drive-by shooting. Then on Tuesday 16 two Christian students, Zia Toma (21) and Ramsin Shmael (22), were on their way to the local university when gunmen opened fire on them. Zia was killed and Ramsin wounded. They had already been displaced from their homes in Baghdad, the Iraqi capital, by the instability there. On Wednesday 17 Wissam George (20), another student, went missing on his way to the institute where he was studying to be a teacher. His body was found in the street that afternoon, riddled with bullets. On Friday 19 Sabah Yacob Dahan was found murdered, having been abducted from his shop five days earlier. And on Wednesday 24 Aiechoa Metoka and his two sons, Mukhlos and Basem, were killed in their home by three gunmen. They were the father and brothers of a prominent Christian leader, who was himself kidnapped (and later released) two years ago. These attacks are only the latest in a long series of incidents that have spread terror among the Christian population of Mosul. They bring to twelve the number of Christians killed in the city since December, and seven bomb attacks on Christian targets have left many injured and property damaged. • Pray for peace and stability in Iraq as the country approaches the elections. Pray that the security forces will act to protect the Christian minority. • Pray that our Christian brothers and sisters will be able to live without fear of being targeted and that they will put their hope and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.



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