Aliayah and the Covenant for the Promised Land for the Hebrews “The Jewish People”

By Batzion de Jerusalem Aliyah is the Hebrew word for migration, from the verb to “go up” or “ascend” Laalot. A divine calling to return to the Land of Israel. A call from the Holy One of Israel to His Chosen People, the Hebrews. We will see in the following scriptures the desire God’s heart.

Gen.12:6-7 First Aliyah

Gen.17:7-8 Everlasting Covenant

Judges 2:1 Everlasting Covenant

Gen. 23:17; 25:7-11; 50:12-15  Purchase of the burial site for the Patriarchs

Gen. 28:3-4

Gen. 13:14-17; 15:18-21 the Land is given by God to the Hebrews as an everlasting possession.

Gen.31:3 The calling

Gn.32:9-10 Prosperity is a reward for obedience to the Covenant

Ex.1:1-5 (70 descendants of Jacob enter Egypt) about 430 years later we see in Ex.12:37-38 that millions of Hebrews are brought out to the Promised Land

Ex.3:6-8; Promised Land reconfirmed believed in faith although not seen yet


Ex.23:31 God has established Israel’s borders for everlasting

Ex.32:13 and 33:1 Why can we be so sure of this? God promised this by an oath. God himself made an unconditional Covenant with Abraham. Confirmed through the Patriarchs, Moses, the Prophets, King David with the promise that Messiah would sit on the throne of David in Jerusalem forever.

Lev.20:24 Israel’s calling

Lev.25:18-19 Condition to faithfulness of God is obedience

Lev.26:9,42 In spite of Israel’s disobedience and rebellion God who changes not, and has made an oath keeps the promise of the Land of Israel.

Nu.26:52-56 Promised to be fully fulfilled in the Millenial Kingdom

Nu.33:51-54 God hates idolatry. He is a Jealous God to Israel

Dt.1:21 “a call to make Aliyah and assurance of the presence and help of God in the process.”

Dt.4:32-38 Special presence of God with Israel, the land is confirmed again.

Dt.5:32-33 Obedience to God’s Torah (laws) brings about his prosperity (blessings) to His people in their land.

2Sam.22:5 promise that we will be planted in our own home, Land.

2 Chron.30:9 repentance brings back the favor of God. Israel’s history through the ages is the dispersion (Galut in Hebrew, Diaspora Greek word). This punishment happened because of rebellion. Additional scripture read Dt.28

Neh.1:8-9 return to Jerusalem

Ps.14:7 what salvation? salvation comes only from the Messiah the root of David, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and the Lamb of God Yeshua.

Ps.33:12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he chose for his inheritance. What nation? Israel according to scripture.

Is.10:21-22 a remnant will return

Is.11:11-12 The Lord will assemble the scattered people of Judah from the four quarters of the earth.

Is.14:1-2 “Gentiles”

Is.43:5-6 Hebrews will be gathered from the four corners

Is.51:11 and 44:21-22 The Lord calls on Israel to return to Him because he has redeemed her.

Is.41:8-10  God’s chosen servant


Is.49:22 Goyim, Gentiles will bring Jewish people back, this is already being fulfilled with the Aliyah of the Russian People

Is.62:1-12 future glory of Zion


Jer. 16:15…For I will restore them to their own land which I gave to their forefathers.

Jer.23:3-6 “The Lord Himself will gather the remnant of his flock out of all the nations.”

Jer.32:37-41 The Lord says “I will surely gather them from all the lands where I banish them.

Jer.48:27 peace and security in Israel

Jer.50:33-34 Our Redeemer is strong, the Lord Almighty is strong

Jer.51:5-6 Israel has not been forsaken by her God. Flee from Babylon run for your lives. This is a warning for the Jewish People today which think that they are secure in their countries and do not want to come to Israel.

Ez.28:25 and 20:41-42

Ez. 39:28-29 “no one will be left outside of their own Land in the nations where they were dispersed and God will give them His Spirit.



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