China – House church leader sentenced to 15 years in prison

Barnabas Fund. In April 2009, we reported on the case of house church leader  a former Muslim who has been a Christian for 14 years. Accused of using his employment “as a cover to preach Christianity among the people of Uyghur”, he had been arrested by authorities in the Xinjiang province of China (whose population is mainly Muslim Uyghurs) in January 2008 for “endangering the security of the state”.
On 27 October 2009, having been in detention for nearly two years, Alimujiang was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment. Sources report that this is the longest prison sentence against house church believers in nearly a decade. Alimujiang was given only limited access to his lawyer and his family. He and his wife have two sons, whom he has not seen in almost two years. Pray for Alimujiang as he comes to term with the harsh and unexpected sentence. Pray that he will remain strong in his faith at this time. Continue to pray for Alimujiang’s family, who face further separation and persecution without him. Pray that they will be granted access to see him and that they will look to the Lord for courage and guidance. Pray that the appeal launched by Alimujiang’s lawyers will be successful so that he can soon return to his family and church to continue the Lord’s work.


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