Antisemitism – Why do we have to stand for Israel?

By Betzion of Jerusalem  An individual, group of people or nation which curses the Land of Israel or the Jewish People when the Holy One of Israel her God has chosen and blessed her and her People, is set to direct opposition to God. Zech.2:8, Gen.12:2-3, Psalm 14, Psalm 44:2-3. The spirit of antisemitism, (anti, meaning against) a certain people and nation specifically being the case that these people are God’s Chosen People, has its root in the spirit of the Antichrist. We need to understand that this spirit has its root in the spirit of the Antichrist, Satan himself. Even today when anyone sets his heart to harm Israel or its people in any way or manner he will be dealt with the full wrath and curses of God. This requires repentance even from former generations who have committed this abomination against God so we can open ourselves for revival. We can read through the Bible that God blesses a nation or person in the exact degree they bless his nation or People.

The curses that people speak out against Israel or His People, He brings back upon the heads of their enemies because they are directly enemies of God Himself.  How do we react in our hearts to the Media? Do we favor the Palestinians influenced by what we hear and not by what the Bible speaks about the situation? Do we in our religious thinking believe that Israel and the Jewish People deserve all the evil that is upon the nation and people now because they have rejected their Messiah?

Do we belittle and make jokes or completely ignore even to pray for them or their nation? Anyone who dares to curse Israel in any manner or form is cursing directly the God of Israel, who is Yeshua their Messiah whether they acknowledge Him or not. In Jr.31:36 we can see that the seed of Abraham will never cease to be a nation before God. In Daniel 12:1 we see that Israel still expects her final deliverance. The Antichrist the person empowered by Satan himself will launch the greatest attack of hatred against the Jewish People and every true born again believer Jew and Gentile, in the Lord and Messiah Yeshua.  Are we ready for the coming tribulation for it will come to every nation upon earth not only to Israel? The good news all of this are that REVIVAL is at hand it will begin in Jerusalem his prophetic, royal City then it will spread to all Israel and afterwards to the nations that are ready to receive His final outpouring of the Living Waters. Revival comes with true repentance from sin which brings a change of hearts and a deep hunger and thirst for His Word and Presence, God is with us Isa.  8:1.           

When we read the Book of Esther we see that her intercession in chapters 4 and 5 made a difference for an entire nation, even by touching the people that did not belong to the One True God in fear to the Israelites and a change of heart even of the King. Haman was a direct descendant of Amalek, see Deut. 25:19 How God responds to this…Also see Nm.24:20 and Ex.17:14-16. The same fate of Haman and his family will come upon everyone who despises or hates the Jewish People. The Nazis like Haman wanted to annihilate, plunder and completely annihilate the memory of God’s Chosen People, they did not succeed even when they destroyed millions of Jews including children. Many Nazis called themselves Christians. This is a terrible thing to see how people who have committed atrocities against the Jewish people like the Crusaders and many others so called Christians have brought so much shame to the Name of our Holy God and Messiah Yeshua.    

We are commanded to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, God’s Royal Prophetic City  Jerusalem, where He is enthroned in the praises of His people. Are we willing to pay the price and commission ourselves to pray and take a stand when necessary. The reward will come from the Lord in a special blessing. He who has called us is the Faithful One Jer. 29:11.

A few points of prayer

  1. Abundant provision and resources to accomplish the work of God in Jerusalem in these end times.
  2. Open doors among the Jewish People for hungry hearts that are seeking the truth to enter into His covenant and Kingdom.
  3. Protection, wisdom and provision for Jewish Believers who evangelize in the land.
  4. For Aliyah, the migration of Jewish People from the 4 corners of the World, this is one of God’s highest priorities in such a time as this, also pray for the protection of Jewish believers in the process so that they can come with safety into the Land.
  5. For the Fear of the Lord  not any other fear to overtake the entire City and Land.
  6. For repentance and revival to come to Jerusalem and the nation.
  7. For God’s purposes to be fully accomplished in His Royal City Jerusalem in these end times.
  8. For the Government that the Fear of the Lord will overtake our Prime Minister, President and our Parliament and every person in Leadership in the Land and that they will come back the word of God as their only source of Wisdom.  

The first Jewish believers where called “Minim”, considered a sect and a plural of the word “Min”. Coming from the Hebraic phrase (Maaminim Yeshua Nozri), believers in Yeshua of Nazareth. The first time the word Christian “Nozrim” appears in Antioch as recorded in Acts. The Catholic church of the Middle Ages used six methods to determine whether the Gospel came out of a Jewish person in order to persecute Jewish believers. Forced baptism, therefore we have the word “Marrano” meaning pig, for the Jews in Spain and Portugal. Yellow badge with star of David (which came back with the Nazis). The Ghetto (forcing them to live separately from the others). The Crusaders. Pillage of their Homes and Sermons of Conversion to force them to become Catholic. When failed in their pursue Jewish people were tortured, delivered into the Inquisition, expulsed from their homes and so much more. The Roman Period. In 70 A.D. the Romans besieged and burnt down Jerusalem, destroyed the Temple and killed over 1,000.000 Jews and enslaved many thousands. Jews were banned from Israel renaming it Palestine “Philistia” and Jerusalem “Aelia Capitolina”.  Constantine in 450 A.D. made Christianity (Catholicism) a state religion and adopted a policy of anti-Jewish laws. Abolishing every remnant of Jewish tradition, changing Sunday for Saturday in worship and so on.

 Anti Semitism is based mainly on medieval stereotype of the Jews and has racist motives. Harbors hatred in the heart its purpose is to completely destroy their reputation, destroy them as a people and harm them in every way possible. All sorts of lies were fabricated to harm them in the medieval period. “Read history on this topic.”

 Anti Zionism is to refuse the Jewish People of their divinely ordained return to the Land of their fathers. Deny the Jews the right to live in Israel. Deny the right for the State of Israel to exist. Wish that the State of Israel would not exist. [This is based in absolute ignorance and disdain of the eternal Word of God which states who is the owner of the Land of Israel, which are its borders, and who is the legal owner and has the right to inherit the Land to His own chosen people as He did].

 Anti Israel is to blame Israel for the Middle East conflict. To justify and glorify the intifada (Palestinian uprising and terrorism). Deny the right of existence to the State and its government. Not to recognize the State of Israel and its capital Jerusalem under international Law. The deliberate spread of infamous propaganda against Israel by the T.V., radio, newspapers, internet and so on.

 Anti Jewish

  • Blame the Jewish People only for the death of Yeshua, accusing them of being the murderers of Yeshua as a whole.
  • Label Jews as being cursed and rejected by God.
  • Stealing the inheritance of the Jewish People spiritually claiming that the Christian Church is the new true “Israel”, [may it never be, this is a lie from the pits of hell and is called the Replacement Theology is practiced by many born again believers because of ignorance.]
  • To call all the suffering of the Jewish people the just punishment of God.
  • To interpret the blessings of God as referring to the Church and all the curses as referring to the Jews
  • To deny that the people, state and Land of Israel have any significance in the world history and salvation.
  • To claim that today’s Jewish People are no longer God’s chosen people but a nation just like any other.

 This is an original sin and blasphemy completely against the Biblical teachings about the Jewish nation and God’s purpose for them. The Christian Church as a whole has greatly failed and must repent of their position if it is against the eternal Word of God concerning either the Jewish People, the Land of Israel, or Aliyah [the right return of every Jewish person to their Homeland by divine decree]. “Let them be confounded and consumed who are adversaries of Israel. Psalm 71:13, they shall be ashamed and confounded, they shall be as nothing, and they that strive with Israel shall perish. “Isaiah 41:11.” He who curses Israel shall be cursed by God Himself. “Genesis 12:3.”

The Christian Church must therefore take a very strong stand and with every form of hostility against the Jews or Israel must therefore provoke our determined and strong protest. If we remain silent we are also guilty of being against the Jewish People. 


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