Different names of Jerusalem

by Batzion de Jerusalem

Re. Chapter 21 Dwelling of God, New Jerusalem, Heavenly Jerusalem

Heavy Stone  – “Even Ma’amassa” Zech. 12:3

Dwelling of the Heart – “Oholiva” Ezekiel 23:4

Lion of God – “Ariel” Isaiah 29:1

House of Prayer – “Beit Tefila” Isaiah 56:7

Bethel “House of God – ” Beit El Gn.35:15

Home (lord) of the Multitudes – “Baal Hamon” Song of Songs 8:11

Married – “Beulah” Isaiah 62:4

Bashan “Bashan” Ps. 68:15

Virgin – “Betula” Isaiah 62:4 (note this same word is used in Hebrew for Miriam the mother of Yeshua, there is another word in Hebrew for a viirgin woman “almah”)

Hill of Frankincense – “Givat Ha levona” Song of Songs 4:6

An Exile – “Golah” Isaiah 49:21

Rejoicing – “Giloh” Isaiah 65:18

Gilead “Gilad” Jer. 22:6

Garden of the Lord – “Gan Elohim” Jer. 22:6

Sought Out “Drusha”  Isaiah 62:12

Good Hill  “Har Tov” Dt. 3:25

Gateway of the Peoples “Dlatot Haamim” Ezekiel 26:2

The Lord will provide “Adonai Yireh” Gn. 22:14

The City “Ha Ir” Jer. 33:24

The Lord is there “Adonai Shama” Ezekiel 48:35

High Mountain “Har Gavoah” Isaiah 40:9

Mount of Assembly “Har Moed” Isaiah 14:13

Holy Mountain “Har Kadosh” Ps. 48:1

Life “Haim” Isaiah 4:3

The Lord’s delight is in it “Hetzibah” Isaiah 62:4

Close friend of my soul “Yedidut Nafshi” Jeremiah 12:7

“Fortress of Zion, Ir David “city of David” 2Sam. 5:7

Another name for Jerusalem MY HOLY MOUNTAIN  is interesting to ponder about this case every word. My “being a possesive”, meaning that it only belongs to the Lord. Holy, meaning consecrated, separated unto the Lord. Mountain, a lofty place which is God’s habitation. Going to the time of Melquizedek, King of Righteousness, dwelling in the Holy Mountain to the time of Yeshua The King of Righteousness who will dwell in this Mountain chosen by God. This Holy Mountain Jerusalem will be indwelt by the Holy One of Israel. Jerusalem, Mount Zion, is the City of the Great King and is a Holy Habitation. God’s Throne. This place is God’s, He will not share it with another God.

Why holy Mountain? Because the Holy One of Israel is the Legal Owner and promises He will live in it as King of Kings and Lord of Lords…2 Sam. 5:6-7. vs. 7 first occurrence of name Zion. Originally the name appears to have been given to the southernmost hill of the city on which the Jebusite fortress was located. As the city expanded from the days of Solomon onward, the name continued to be applied to the entire city. See Isa. 1:8; 2:3. City of David, as Jerusalem’s conqueror, David becomes its owner and gives it his name. Jerusalem southeast hill Ophel, Neh. 3:26; continued to bear the name long after David’s time. See Is. 22:19; 29:1. The Jebusite fortress-stronghold  was conquered 1000 b.c. Which was made the royal capital of the kingdom of Israel. The word Jerusalem in Hebrew Yerushalaim has a plural meaning.

 Substantial historical evidence, both Biblical and extra-Biblical, places the temple of Solomon on the holy sport where King David built an altar to the Lord. 2Sa. 24-18-25. This is also the site where Abraham built an altar to sacrifice Isaac. Is called “Mount Moriah” translated God is my teacher. The writer of  Genesis equates Moriah with “The mountain of the Lord.” Gen. 22:1-19. 2Sa. 6:2…the ark of God which is called by the Name (Jehovah), the name of the Lord Almighty (Jehovah Zebaot, Lord of the Heavenly Hosts), who is enthroned between the cherubim that are on the ark. This is remarkable now we see that the Lord establishes His divine presence in the midst of His chosen covenant people to dwell among them. Read 2Sa. Chapter 6. 1Ch. 28:2; the term “footstol of our God, David recognizes the great significance of the ark as the earthly throne of Israel‘s God. 2Sa. 7:16; “your throne will be established forever. Promise of an everlasting-eternal Kingdom for the house of David becomes from here on the focal point of many later propecies which have their cultmination in Yeshua, the messianic hope.


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    Great for my pray time!!!Thanks.


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