Europe – The Battle for Jerusalem heats up

ECI. Brussels – The European Union decision on Tuesday 7 December to issue a unilateral declaration proclaiming Jerusalem as the shared capital of Israel and a future Palestinian state is a major blow in the battle for the city of the Great King and is also a clear sign of the times of nations preparing to line up against Israel. ECI immediately wrote the Swedish Foreign Minister as well as many other European governments to express our concern when the news about the plans of the Swedish EU-presidency to issue a unilateral declaration was released. (see press release on Several parliamentarians who are friends of ECI took action and did what they could to convince their governments to water down the text. The final declaration is less provocative than the original one. For example, it stresses the need for “negotiations”. Still remaining however is the implication that those negotiations will ultimately result in East-Jerusalem becoming the capital of a future Palestinian state. The original declaration was met with stiff opposition from most heavy weight governments, including France, Germany, Italy and Poland. In fact only Malta, Ireland, Belgium and the United Kingdom supported the Swedish proposal in its original form. Their support did not come as a surprise because these same governments have a long history of actions that have earned them the label of “the most problematic” when it comes to EU-Israeli relations. Adding fuel to the fire, during the Swedish declaration talks the term “Palestinian Authorities” was replaced by the word “Palestine”. This first ever shift in how the entity is labeled and referred to during discussions of this magnitude heralded the assumption that “Palestine” is a de-facto state. This assumption during high level talks furthers Palestinian aspirations to declare their own statehood regardless of negotiations or the consent of the Israeli government. It is also a victory for outgoing EU Foreign Affairs Chief Javier Solana who for years has stated and restated his position that “the world community needs to intervene and simply declare a Palestinian state if the two parties do not manage to create peace on their own.”

 What can we do? The battle for Jerusalem is heating up but the Bible teaches us that we do not fight against flesh and blood. Our weapons are spiritual. We are called as “watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem” to alert the people to prayer and action. Though the last few days have been very challenging for friends of Israel, believers around the world have been unified in prayer. Our urgent prayer alert on 3 December was translated into many languages and disseminated in many countries. Our communication reach was broadened considerably when Christian media outlets came alongside us in our quest to inform and mobilize as many believers as possibly worldwide in a very short amount of time. On a personal note: On the eve of the EU decision I was praying with passionate Italian believers in Rome, the cradle of the European Union, where we drafted our own “Treaty of Rome”, to declare that Jerusalem belongs to the Lord and that no human hand has the right to divide up His city. ECI plans to organize a special Europe Day Solidarity event to be held in Jerusalem later this spring, as a mean of visibly asserting that not all Europeans agree with the wicked policies of some EU governments. Please pray that many parliamentarians and leaders will have the courage to join us in this expression of our solidarity with the state of Israel and our agreement with God’s designation of Jerusalem as its eternal and undivided capital. For more information go to


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