19-year-old Amal Estephanos has been abducted in broad daylight by a group of Muslims on October. Witnesses say that Amal was drugged and bundled into a pickup truck with the assistance of local villagers. She has been taken to Aswan City and will most likely be raped and forced to convert to Islam, as so often happens to Egyptian Christian girls who are kidnapped by Muslims. On 15 July, Marian Bishay (15) was kidnapped on her way to collect dinner for her family from the local restaurant, 50m from her home in Giza, Egypt. These are just two examples of the dozens of such cases every year in Egypt in which Christian girls are abducted and compelled to marry Muslims. The police will rarely do anything to assist, though in the case of Marian they eventually issued a missing person report after much pressure was put on them by her family. • Pray for Amal, that she will keep her faith in the Lord Jesus, despite any coercion she may face and that our Heavenly Father will keep her strong and faithful during this time. • Please pray that Marian will be found and restored to her family. Pray for many other Egyptian Christian girls in the same situation.


2 comentarios

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  1. B. Morts

    We’ll be praying for our sister Amal.

  2. Natalie

    AMEN we are praying for you Amal.


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