Barnabas Fund. Shopkeeper George Abdu, 63, was stabbed in the neck and abdomen by a Muslim on 16 September in al-Bagur town, northern Egypt. As George fell to the ground, the killer, 35-year-old Galal Nasr el-Dradiri, continued his attack by beheading his victim. El-Dradiri then resumed his spree of violence; he drove to nearby Bamahai and stabbed Bolis Eid Messiha, then on to another village to attack a third Christian, Hany Barsom Soliman. Messiha was hospitalised and had to be operated on five times, while Soliman suffered lacerations but managed to fight off his attacker. Dradiri was arrested on 17 September in Cairo and has been charged with murder. Angered by the attacks, Egyptian Christians gathered in protest of what seems to be orchestrated violence. Protestors carried signs that read “Where are you, government? The terrorists are going to kill us.” Sources confirm that Egyptian police have been monitoring local Christians and even tracking telephone conversations of clergy members. According to a leading member of the church in Egypt, “There is anger among the Christians because they feel their blood has been made cheap.” • Pray for those who mourn George Abdu and for the other victims and their families, that they will know the comfort and healing hand of the Lord Jesus at this time. • Pray that the Egyptian police and authorities will bring Dradiri to justice, and that they will uphold laws that are in place to protect Christians from such violence.


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