At least twelve churches have been burned down and a number of Christians killed in anti-Christian violence in northern Nigeria. The coordinated attacks began on 26 July in Maiduguri, capital of Borno state, and spread across the country to Yobe state, Bauchi state and Kano state. Islamic militants targeted Christians and the local police, setting fire to churches and homes of local Christians, as well as a police station, a prison and a customs post. Five police officers and twelve Christians have been confirmed dead, including at least two pastors. Curfews were imposed to ease the violence and security forces were instructed to clamp down on the militants, who belonged to the Boko Haram sect. Barnabas Fund is sending help to the Christian victims. Perhaps the most shocking element of the recent violence in Nigeria was the brutal murders of the Christian pastors. When asked to convert to Islam, they refused, and were beheaded on the instruction of the sect leader, Mohammed Yusuf. One of them, Sabo Yakubu, was the pastor of a congregation in Maiduguri. The father of seven was hacked to death with a machete. Another Christian leader, George Orjih, preached to Yusuf about Christ before his martyrdom. He was described as a fearless and hardworking man. A fellow kidnap victim, who was later released, reported that “while we were lying there, tied up, George turned to me and said ‘if you survive, tell my brothers that I died well, and am living with Christ. And if we all die, we know that we die for the Lord.'” One eye-witness says that Orjih was singing and praying all through the ordeal and encouraging the believers not to give up, even unto death. “It was his words of encouragement that kept us till the time we were released.” • Pray that the Nigerian security forces will bring peace and stability to northern Nigeria and ensure freedom and justice for its Christian minority.
• Pray that the Lord Jesus will comfort the families of those killed in the attack; pray especially for the loved ones and congregations of the Christian pastors who were murdered. They have been urged to emulate the pastors, who died because of their refusal to betray their faith. (Rev 7:9-15) • Pray for Christians in
Nigeria whose churches have been burnt down, that they will have both the means and the permission to rebuild. • Pray that Christians will react to the violence in a Christ-like way and not retaliate, and that this will speak powerfully to the Muslim majority


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  1. Andrea

    In my church we were talking about what is happening in Nigeria and should put us in prayer for our brothers


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