Ramadan 2009 – How to Pray for Muslims during Ramadan

Suggestions and ideas for personal and group prayer. These are some creative prayer ideas and tips on how to use the 30-Days Muslim World Prayer Guide materials in a group or for your personal prayer time. You can use these materials to pray creatively by yourself in your own prayer times, and also to join with groups of others to pray together. We would encourage you to find creative ways to involve as many people as possible with you in this prayer focus. Jesus gave some special promises of blessing for Christians who come together to pray and agree as a group. You could organise some weekly or twice weekly meetings over the 30 day Ramadan period with your church, your youth group, your committee or leaders’ meetings, your women’s meetings, home Bible studies, cell groups, children’s groups; in fact, any occasion when your Christian friends and associates meet together.

Focus As you pray through the Prayer Guide that are suggested for each day, ask and expect the Holy Spirit to lead you in prayer, revealing certain areas of detail and specific focus for you to pay particular attention to (Romans 8:26). Take notes and keep a journal of your prayer times. Particularly note any Scriptures that God may prompt you to read concerning that day’s topic. It is helpful if the group focuses its prayers for one subject area at a time, rather than chopping and changing all over the place. Each person should wait before moving on to a different topic, until every person has been able to pray out their prayers over the current subject area (1Corinthians 14:40). Make sure that all have an opportunity to pray for that area or need if they want to.

Day 27 “The Night of Power” on Day 27 is a strategic night of prayer. Consider setting aside this night for an all night prayer time with your church or mission group. Let us believe God for an outpouring of His Spirit on our Muslim neighbours worldwide. Let us pray and believe for the fulfilment of Revelation 7:9, that every group, including the peoples of Islam, will be represented before the throne of God on that final day. If you want more information about Ramadan or the Muslim word go to www.30-days.net .



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