Nepal – Church bombing amidst political unrest

A group who claimed responsibility for killing a pastor in Nepal earlier this year are reported to be behind the first bombing of a church in Nepalese history. The bomb exploded in a building in Lalitpur, south of Kathmandu, on 23 May. A female student, 15-year old Celestina Joseph, and Pabitra Paitri, who was 30, died in the blast, and more than a dozen people were injured. Last year the Hindu group the National Defence Army (NDA) said that it had bombed a mosque, killing two people there as well. According to reports, they claim to want to restore the traditional Hindu monarchy. This incident has only added to the instability that is brewing in Nepalese politics, with Maoist Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal resigning after President Ram Baran Yadav refused to agree to his demand to sack the current army chief of staff. While the new Prime Minister tries to form his cabinet, there have been protests and strikes that have shut down Kathmandu, led by groups that are trying to take advantage of the power struggles within the fledgling political system. Rumours suggest that the NDA have been threatening to bomb the homes and churches of local Christians, seeking to extort money from them by threatening their safety. • Pray that the new Prime Minister, Madhay Kumar Nepal, may be able to form a cabinet to end the political limbo. Pray that he will ensure full religious liberty in Hindu-majority Nepal. • Pray that the rumours that the NDA want to extend their campaign of forcible expulsion of Christians may remain just rumours.


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